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The role of a life coach is to encourage and counsel clients on a range of professional and personal issues.

I cannot tell you how often I have helped clients with these.


A Personal Trainer becomes inadvertently a counsellor, a life coach. To be fair a lot of professions do when you work with them in a long term capacity. With personal training there are lots of highs and a lot of of lows. To get the best out of clients is to get to know your clients strengths, weaknesses, fears and worries.

Alot of the time training is seriously affected due to personal and work life problems.

There have been times - where sessions have stopped early and we have just had an honest chat about what the problems are and what you can do to overcome these.


You are the expert of your life only you can make the change.


Talk about the situation - For any trainer it is vital that there is good communication between the client and themselves - without this there is no way to resolve any questions or problems that may arise or to even give praise.

Your Values, Beliefs, Attitude - These all play a big part in yourself reaching your goals. Why? If you have a poor attitude - an attitude that is not willing to learn or take on board advice - you will not progress.

If you have no beliefs - even not believing in yourself can lead to poor performance at work and within life. We should all believe in something or someone.


Values guide our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours so with if you believe you have little value, your beliefs will not be strong and your attitude could be poor. It is good to find in ourselves what we value most.


We need all 3 to function at our best. If one slips they all slip.
It is just like links in a chain if any part of that chain is weak and crumbles, that chain is no more.

We just need to get a good balance of all 3.

Physical - We must move everyday otherwise we seize up - we become weak, our muscles do not function well due to not being needed much basically. For some if they do not move much their stress levels can go out of control.

Nutritional - we must eat enough calories every day for our whole bodies to function at its best. If we do not eat enough of the correct foods our bodies start to fail us. Deficiencies in the body can play havoc on other functions within the body.

Psychological - You have heard the same about being hangry. Some people get like this when they are hungry. Then if people are not active they get far too stressed and take it out on people as they have no way to vent their problems. The combo of these can affect our work and personal relationship - how we act and what we say.


IMPORTANT - We need goals in all aspects of our lives. 
This gives us motivation for us to develop and to grow - starting with a big goal and breaking that goal down into smaller goals to make it achievable and keep us n course.

Sometimes we need help to reach these goals. we cannot always do things by ourselves.

A little bit of support even in the background can be enough to help you start you on your journey knowing there is someone who has your back.

We MUST set realistic goals - otherwise we are setting us up for failure! Each small step/goal can really build confidence.


There will be barriers and obstacles in our way at times and we need to face these barriers ahead on with a plan. This plan may change so we can deal the barrier or setback.

There have been many a client who have hurt themselves or have gotten ill outside of the gym or kit is being used which we needed to use.
So I adapt the plan so we can still reach these goals but through other means. If your hurt your foot that's ok - there is still alot of exercises we can do with the rest of the body.

Cant get to me no problem - I will send you a plan to follow.

What ever the barrier/set back - there are ways we can beat it.


VITAL to reach your goal. Without these we are going nowhere!

Having support from friends, loved ones, work colleagues, your trainer etc can have a huge impact in you reaching your goal.

Your motivation is important to keep you on track towards your goals. May it be for yourself or someone else.

To be committed to your cause is important - there will be ups and downs, days where you feel terrible days where you feel amazing. As long as we can keep that motivation there anything is possible