General Questions

Pre-Training / Massage

How and when do I/ we pay?



What is a Initial Consultation?

An Initial Consultation is where:

1) We have a little chat about ourselves so we can get to know each other.

2) Talk about your goals

3) Filling in of a PAR-Q form prior to any physical activity or massage treatment we do.

4) We perform a few exercises to see what you can do and where we need to work on.

5) If your happy we fill in the rest of the forms and book you in for your 1st session for personl training or continue with the treatment for massage.

6) I then will add you to my personal training/ massage software.

How long does a Initial Consultation last?

An Initial Consultation last 60 minutes.

How much does a Initial Consultation cost?

An initial consulttaion costs £35 for personal training and massage.

What is a PAR-Q?

A PAR-Q is a Physical Readiness Questionnaire.

Everyone who wants to partake in physical exercise or a massage treatment must fill in a PAR-Q or at least verbally discussed.

A physical readiness questionnaire will be carried out in your initial consultation to identify any health restrictions.

For some potential clients a letter of medical clearance from your GP maybe required.


What other forms do I have to complete?

I only have a few forms to complete.

These are:

1) Consent Form - This is vitially important as I will be required to touch you in training and massage and your happy to give me your details which will be held confidentially. At any point you can withdraw your consent.

2) Terms and Conditions - which are important so you are clear what is expected from you and what you will get from me.

3) Contraindications list - which will provide you information to determine if you have any of the following conditions which will prevent or alter the application of massage to yourself.

Sports Massage

How long does a massage treatment last?

There are various times you can choose:

30 minute
45 minute
60 minute

What do I have to wear for a massage treatment?

It would be wise to wear clothing you easily remove or are happy for myself to adjust - so I can massage the areas you wish without disrupting the fluidity of the massage.

For example:

1) For back massages - anyone who wears a bra - please wear a bra with the attachment at the back as I will be able to unclip and re-attach with your permisson.

2) For Lower body (legs) - anyone requiring this please wear underwear that are not in the style of boxers. If you feel more comfortable then do wear boxers / hot pants and I will adjust them with your permission to a position that will allow me to perform the massage on the relevant areas.

Any other requirements please let me know asap and I will be able to do what I can to accomodate your needs.

What oils do you use?

I mainly use an Almond Oil or Argan Oil.

If you are allergic to these or to anything let me know in advance.

I will let you know of the oil I will use.

Can I bring my own oil?

Yes you can of course - bring it with you and I will use your oil.

I will not use oils you have made yourself at home - only oils bought from shops.

Can I train after a massage treatment?

Yes you can if you have a pre-sport massage or after a normal treatment - low level cardio will be ok. Becareful as always as your body may feel different and relaxed - if you feel like you need to stop - then stop.

What do you recommend doing after massage to relax?

Some of the things which will be good to do is:

1) A nice warm bath or shower to help the muscles relax even more.

2) Add some epsom salts (if your ok with it) to help relax in the bath.

3) Play some relaxing music to help your chill.

4) After the bath or shower - then do your stretching as you will be more relaxed.

Personal Training

Who can you train?

I can train anyone from the age of 16 upwards.

What days and times can I book in?

Monday to Friday - 6am - 10pm
Sat: 11-12pm
Sun: Closed (Can book if message me directly)

How can I book in?

You can book online on the link at the top of the page.

That link will then direct you to the booking page.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes of course...

For training at Pure gym - your friend would need to be a member.

For training outdoors or at your home - then no membership would need to be required.

Where do you train clients?

I train clients at various places:

1) Pure gym - all clients would be required to get a membership. It costs £19.99 a month for 24/7 hour access to the gym outside of Personal Training sessions and you can partake in lots of free classes.

2) Outdoors - all clients do not require a membership. Dependant on weather we will workout depending on your needs with the use of various equipment or body weight.

3) At your home - all clients do not require membership. We can use your own equipment or my own. Some of my clients have their own personal gyms which we use.

4) Combination of all the above - so client getting a Pure gym membership aswell as performing sessions there, outdoors or at their home - dependant on their needs.

How often can I train with you?

You can train as much as you like.

I would recommend a minimum of 2 sessions a week to get more out of your sessions.

Maximum of 5x a week - otherwise it may get to be a bit too much.

Once you feel good with 2x a week then you can progress it to 3 if you so wish.

What if I need to cancel a session?

A minimum notice of 24 hours is required to cancel so we can rearrange your session.

A minimum notice of 24 hours is required to cancel so we can rearrange your session.

Notice of under 24 hours will incur full payment of the session fee.

Please contact us by phone of text.

I cant make the same session each week are you flexible?

We understand that people lead busy lives and need to be flexible.

You wont have to stick to the same time each week. We have clients who we arrange sessions weekly with.

Note: Evenings are very busy and times to book may get difficult so book in advance.

How long does a Personal Training Session last?

A session lasts 60 minutes.

How many times a week do you recommend on training?

I would recommend training at least 2-3x a week.

Anything less will take you alot longer to reach your reach your goals if you are not doing anything alse along side working out.

I have clients who train with me 2-3x week and go out running or partake in sports aswell who are getting better results.

2x a wek training = 8 sessions or 8 hours training a month.
3x a week training = 12 sessions or 12 hours training a month.